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Online Learning

Secrets to a $75k Salary

Over five years have passed since the last "great" recession — yet there are over 49.7 million people still living in poverty according to the Census Bureau report released in November 2013. Making $75,000 (or above) every year might seem impossible, especially given the fact that many Americans are struggling to earn a living wage, find a decent job or pay off long-term debts. In times like these its critical to note that not all hope is lost - keeping these three secrets in mind could go a long way towards helping you reach the level of compensation you desire. [Read More]

Online Learning

Degrees that are worth your time - and money

As time progresses, it would seem that higher education runs the risk of converting back to its days of being a luxury that middle-class families can no longer afford. Education is expensive—and is only getting more so with the start of each traditional calendar year. While studies predict steady increases, students have the chance to carefully select a degree that will maximize their earning potential in order to ensure the effectiveness of their investment. [Read More]

Adult Education

Two-year degrees that pay: See the Top 10 for 2015

Recent studies have shown that students contemplating college enrollment may want to go by route of community college, as two-year associate's degrees are due to have the highest average employment growth through 2020. With student loan debt estimated at a whopping $1 trillion, families are beginning to consider that the four-year university experience may not be the only way of securing a lucrative job opportunity. [Read More]