Secrets to a $75k Salary


Over five years have passed since the last “great” recession — yet there are over 49.7 million people still living in poverty according to the Census Bureau report released in November 2014. Making $75,000 (or above) every year might seem impossible, especially given the fact that many Americans are struggling to earn a living wage, find a decent job or pay off long-term debts. In times like these its critical to note that not all hope is lost – keeping these three secrets in mind could go a long way towards helping you reach the level of compensation you desire.

The First Secret:

There are a lot of jobs with that earn $75,000 (or more!)

According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 55 million individuals employed in positions earning more than $75,000 annually. If you’re thinking that your desired job isn’t one of them, think again: these jobs are available in just about every industry, profession or region. Some high-growth areas of study worth investigating are Business Administration, Healthcare/Nursing or Information Technology.

The Second Secret:

Statistics show that a bachelor’s degree certainly helps, but isn’t necessarily required for jobs making over $75k.

Recently, studies released by two career powerhouses (Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce and Civic Enterprises) revealed that there are far more than ten million U.S. jobs that pay between $50,000 to $75,000+ a year with zero bachelor’s degree requirement. Frequently cited careers include:

Getting a two-year/associate’s degree

This includes areas of study related to career-oriented fields, such as graphics design, health administration, and database administration.

Industry-based certifications

This includes Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA certifications that are test-based credentials awarded by employers

Trade-specific programs

Many well-paid individuals have found that their enrollment in a skilled trade program to be critical to achieving success in their given fields.

The Third Secret:

Online degree programs can get you a job paying over $75k/year

Traditional campus-based degrees are still the gold standard, but that doesn’t mean that a degree from an online school isn’t worth the time, effort or money. Most online schools have a wide range of degree programs that can provide the educational foundation necessary to succeed in just about any field. Additionally, individuals who have a full-time or part-time job will appreciate the fact that online programs offer the flexibility to work around practically any schedule. Here are a few online degree program areas that are popular:

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Food & Beverage Management

The Bachelors of Science Degree in Food and Beverage Management provides a wide variety of specialized education to students planning to pursue a management career in the food and beverage industry.  According to, Top Food and Beverage Managers command salaries well above $75,000 annually.

Bachelor Of Science In Accounting

With an expected 22 percent increase in accounting jobs between 2008 and 2018 according to a 2010–2011 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, enrolling in a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program could be a very rewarding career decision.

Advanced Mobile Development Certificate

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are integral to how we live, work and play. The popularity of these devices is driving increasing demand for IT professionals with mobile skills. This makes mobile application development an exciting as well as lucrative field to be in.

While no college degree or certificate can guarantee a particular career or salary, hopefully these three secrets reveal that making $75,000 is a very tangible and reachable goal.